TToT – Another Busy Weekend

There’s more than one way to skin a cat.


Last weekend I struggled to find time to write my TToT in between all the things. And no, of course I didn’t write it before things got busy. That would have been much too logical. I finally ended up slipping in at the end of the weekend. This weekend, I find myself once again on the go. But I’ve figured out a few things. This week, I am coming to you from my trusty laptop at the back of the auditorium where Zilla is attending a Girl Scout workshop.

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Finding the Funny at Vikki Claflin’s Laugh Lines

I have finally figured out how to be in two places at one time.

Sort of.

A while ago I submitted a funny story to Vikki Claflin for her “Finding the Funny” serious over at her place, the hilariously accurate Laugh Lines. This afternoon, for the first time in like a week, I scrolled through my blog feed and saw my own face.

Wait, wha–?

Yup, there I was, smiling back at myself from my blog feed. It seems that while I was off chaperoning Kidzilla’s first grade field trip yesterday, I was also sharing a fun story over at Vikki’s place.

Awesome. This new superpower is going to come in very handy…

Join us over at Vikki’s place for a good laugh. It’s a story some of you already know. If it’s your first time, you’ll love it. If you’ve heard it before, I promise it’s the gift that keeps on giving – even I can’t read it without cracking up and I’ve told it a thousand times.

Ready? Click here.

How to Live with Special Dietary Needs

I’m a travelling expert today.

What do you do when your child has a food allergy or sensitivity? When they react adversely to food ingredients?

You figure out how to avoid them. And doing that is actually pretty simple.

Our Zilla can not consume artificial food dyes. Well, she can, but the results are not pretty. We have spent a lot of time learning how to find foods that don’t use these dyes and it’s been a fascinating ride.

It does take time and effort. You have to do your research. But the results are worth it and then it just becomes a way of life.

Today I am helping my friend Ivy Walker with her A to Z challenge. Join us over at Uncharted to talk about Special Dietary Needs.


Book Review – Audrey Snyder’s Worth the Climb

I just read the most delightful book.

I say delightful because every page of Audrey Snyder’s Worth the Climb, read as if Audrey were telling me her story personally. It felt as if Audrey and I were talking over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. And like a good slice of cake, the story was enjoyable and left me feeling satisfied at the end.

Tour Banner

Worth the Climb is the story of Audrey Snyder’s journey from secretary to prominent business success in corporate America. Early chapters tell of Audrey’s background and upbringing. We learn about her Cherokee grandmother, whose legacy to Audrey was the grit and determined spirit that enabled her to accomplish what seemed impossible – travelling across America in a covered wagon – unchaperoned – with orphaned children in tow.

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1000Speak – Nurturing the Self

No one wants to be called selfish.

We want people to say that we are generous and other-centered. We want people to call us kind and compassionate. We want to actually be all of these things. We are taught that it is good to be selfless.

But we misinterpret that.

Look at the word – selfless. Look it up. You’ll find the definition “not selfish.” But this definition also appears: “concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one’s own.”

Wait, you say. That’s a good thing. The needs and wishes of others should come before our own. That makes us a good person. As far back as the Puritans, the quality of selflessness and a spirit of compassion is touted as something good, even  sublime. Contemporary figures like Mother Teresa of Calcutta remind us that this is still a good and right way to live.

But somewhere along the way, we allowed ourselves to think that our own needs don’t matter, that being selfless means that we are less important than the rest of the world. And that leads to troublesome thinking. Nurturing others to the point of neglecting ourselves serves no one.

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TToT – Between All the Things

Until this afternoon, I have only been home to sleep. We are on the go!

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Love in Ten Lines – Simple Love

Some of my dear bloggy friends, Ivy at Uncharted and Christina and Tony at The Plagued Parent tapped me for the Ten Lines about Love poetry challenge (or whatever the actual name is).

I put it on my to-do list and promptly forgot about it. Then I wrote the poem and promptly forgot about it.  So finally, here is my offering. I generally prefer my poetry writing to be less proscribed, but I also find it difficult to resist a challenge.

Simple Love

I love that we

Have a simple love.

Love is homely things

Like clean sheets love

And chicken soup love.

It’s rainy day love

And quiet walks love

And bedtime secrets love.

I love the way

You simply love me.


And now I think I’m suppose to choose some others to write…and I have absolutely no idea because I think they’ve already done it. There are too many and I’ll feel bad if I forget someone, so if you want to write a ten-line poem about love, each line with only four words, and each line containing the word love, dive in! How about EVERYBODY do it and we can spread some love around?

Whoops! I forgot I’m supposed to include a quote about love. Everyone who knows me knows I’m a quote collector, so I merely had to go grab a favorite (or three…because I don’t do favorites).

To start us off, let’s go with Thoreau because you knew I would, right?

There is no remedy for love but to love more.

~ Henry David Thoreau

Next is a quote we have framed in our living room superimposed over a photo of a stack of books. I’ve tried to find the author, but the only answer I get is “anonymous.” So be it.

Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.

~ Anonymous

And finally, a few words from William Shakespeare. Because Shakespeare and I love him.

“Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.”
~William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Rotten Cat Wednesday

This is Cat One. When I took this photo, he was howling at me because the laundry basket was in “his” spot at the foot of our bed.20150412_213455[1]

And here he is happy after I removed the offending basket. After the photo, he immediately proceeded to lick himself enthusiastically. Nobody needs to see that.


Here we have Cat Three. He’s helping me clean the kitchen floor. He also hollers at me. He usually does it when he wants me to join him for a nap on our bad. Or in the middle of the night when he thinks I should wake up and play with him. Forget it, bud.

20150413_094626[1]And finally, our littlest cat, Cat Two. I have no idea what he’s doing. Probably just scooting around. He’s kind of bad at being a cat. But at least he doesn’t holler at me.


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Want more? Just hit the home page and click on the tag for “Rotten Cats.” I’m always kind of amazed how often they manage to sneak themselves into my blog posts.







Now Taking Center Stage – An Interview with Tamara Woods

Want to get inside the mind of a poet?

Today is your lucky day!

Making a stop on her blog tour and joining us for a brief interview this morning is Tamara Woods, author of The Shaping of an “Angry” Black Woman. If you have not experienced Tamara’s words through the page or through her videos, you really must. It’s gorgeous. Gorgeous! I’m a pretty discerning poetry consumer and Tamara’s work is the goods.

Banner for Tour

I’ve shared a couple of links for you at the end of this post so you can listen to Tamara talk about and read a bit of her poetry.

But first, go grab a fresh cup of coffee, get comfortable in your chair, and see what our lovely guest has to share with us while we chat her up!

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1000 Voices Speak for Compassion AGAIN in April

The members of 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion are gearing up for another campaign!

This month, 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion is talking about nurturing. On April 20th, we will link up once again to flood the Internet with good and positive posts about nurturing.

1000speak March Nurturing

For my April post, I will talk about nurturing the Self. I’m sticking with the theme of self-compassion that I started with the initial campaign. It has become clear to me from reading other posts on compassion and reading the conversations in the comment sections that the concept of self-compassion is one many of us need to prioritize. Continue reading