TToT – Hypo Gratitude


I had to check with Ivy to make sure I was getting the right term, but I think hypo-gratitude is what I have going on this week. It’s that week when you feel the forces of the universe stack against you. The dark clouds loom large and threaten at every moment to open a deluge on your head, blocking out the sun. Or something.

But when those weeks happen, it’s most important to look for the good in our lives and find a way around the blockers. And the truth is, even through the worst of storms, the sunlight still shines. It’s just more indirect.

So here we are…let’s get to it. Continue reading

1000Speak – I Am Raising a Compassionate Child

I’m not sure how it happened.

Somehow, though, I find myself the parent of a child with a compassionate heart.


This little girl cares about the environment. She cares about people and animals. She wonders why and how people can be cruel to one another, whether it’s on a school playground or the world stage. It is unfathomable to her that anyone would abuse or abandon a pet. Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday in 6 Words at Coach Daddy

It’s the last Wednesday of the month.

That means no words here, but lots of great ones over at Eli’s place. It’s time for 6 Words at Coach Daddy!

Hop over to Eli’s and welcome the official start of summer with a roundup of how your favorite bloggers plan to spend their summer days…

Official Kickoff to Summer in 6 Words


Library Day – Checking Out the Library

I’ve been a bit MIA lately.

My primary reason for being absent from this space is, simply, that we’ve been out living. My friend Ivy says that’s a damn good reason and I have to agree with her.

One of our regular jaunts is to the local public library. We’ve been selecting books, of course, but also exploring other things the library has to offer.

There’s summer reading, of course – for kids, teens, and adults. Zilla is firmly entrenched in the summer reading program for kids. She’s reading every day (not that this is unusual), logging her time, and writing reviews and recommendations for the books she reads. It’s never too early to learn how to talk about books and why it’s important to share the books you love with others. Continue reading

1000 Voices Speak for Compassion – June Link-Up

I’m a bit behind on my own 1000Speak post this month, but I can at least post the link-up info so you can get your own in there.

In light of the recent events in Charleston, SC, we’ve extended this month’s link-up. It will remain open for another six days, closing on Saturday, June 27th to allow time for those who might want to add compassion posts related to the Charleston shooting – or any other compassion topic – to this month’s link-up.

Add your post link below…then use it to visit other bloggers’ posts.

Want to get involved? Do it! Join us! Here’s how:

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TToT – Summertime

There’s something special about summertime…

The daylight lasts longer… Time seems to move a bit slower… Even the busy days feel a bit less structured and demanding. There is time to breathe, to inhale deeply, and to live deliberately…

We are one week into our official summer break and have filled it with wonderful moments and many things for which I am thankful. The first is, simply, that it is officially summer break for Zilla, the Hub has switched to his summer work schedule, and we are finding our summer groove.

YouTube Preview Image


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Wordless Wednesday – Chickens on the Farm on a Summer Evening

CSA season is here!

Our visits to our summer CSA farm started the first Friday in June. Here are a few shots of the farm and some very cool chickens we saw while there.

The rooster was particularly beautiful, although I don’t think the photos do him justice. The chicken shots aren’t the greatest – I was shooting into the very late afternoon sun and there was a hazy glare as the sun began to drop in the sky behind their field. Talk about a perfect summer evening, though! Continue reading

Library Day – How to Get Your Kid’s Nose Stuck Inside a Book

It’s library day again!

For the last several weeks, I’ve been running book and reading-related posts on the blog on Tuesdays. So far you’ve seen some book reviews, author interviews, my personal musings, and more. This week I’m bringing you a guest post from a blogger friend many of you already know, Val Newman of My Virtual Vineyard.  

Val’s here today to talk about literacy. Literacy is such a buzzword in the world of education, but it is truly an important topic. The subject of literacy is so important to me I spent a significant portion of my graduate studies on it.

Summer reading season is upon us, friends. Whether those words instill joy or dread in your child, Val offers tips and wisdom from her years of experience that will help get even the most reluctant reader’s nose stuck inside a book.  Continue reading

TToT – Birthdays and Life

Some days make you stop and think about life more than others.

Today is one of those days.

Our Daughter is seven years old today and I have spent a great deal of time this week, and especially today, thinking about how we came to be in this moment…

I’m going to try to do it here without crying too much.

I am thankful, first and foremost, that we are both here – alive and together. To say that Zilla’s birth did not go as planned is a gross understatement. Suffice to say that for a time that night, the Fab Hub (and now Fab Dad) was not certain whether he would leave that hospital with a family or without one. Through the grace of God we are here, together, a family. So we celebrate not only her birthday, but the birth of our family…


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This Summer…

This summer is going to be different…

This summer I will spend some time on a bit of the usual. I will clean out closets, scrub under the stove burners and above the kitchen cabinets, and think about having a garage sale.

But this summer will also be different…

I will do those usual things, but I will also spend more time reading the books I have piled high for so long. I will make time for what is important to me. I will listen to music and look at art and learn something new.

Gina's Coffee and Books Continue reading