#10Thankful – Fragmented

Fragmented. That’s the best word I can come up with to describe my week.

It’s been one long stretch of a whole lot of jumbled pieces and small bits of time, none of which have added up to much of anything. But of course, if I sit long enough and think about it, I know I will realize that there is something in there. Perhaps we’ll get there by the end of this post. I have to be honest, though, and say I really don’t feel much like thankful-in tonight.

It’s not that I don’t feel thankful for so many things. I definitely do. And I’m not sad or bothered by anything. I’m just…mentally fatigued. All that fragmenting this week has left this girl exhausted.

So let’s see what we can come up with…


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#10Thankful – Things of Significance

I sense that great things are about to happen.

No, really. I wish I could explain why, but I can’t. I just know that things are somehow falling into place as they should.

I’m late again this week – very late – but that’s OK because once again we have been out living. I can’t think of a better way to fuel my writing than by living. How about you? I’d love to give you a fabulously written intro here, but it’s quite late and the link-up is going to close soon, so I’m opting for expediency.

I’d also love to tell you I grabbed a fabulous photo somewhere this week, but I didn’t, so maybe you’ll allow me to share this one – pulled it from some pics from our visits to our CSA farm last summer and added it as a new header. After the rainy and chilly weather here over the last couple of weeks, I’m so looking forward to more days like this!


So let’s get down to thankful…

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A Thousand Rebirths

I’ve been born a thousand times.

The first time, the most obvious, was my physical birth. On the night I was born, my Mom sat at her parents’ kitchen table and played cards until 1:00 AM before heading for the hospital; I was born forty minutes later.  I wish I could tell you I am as expedient at all things in life as I was at my entrance.

And so there I was: first child, first grandchild on both sides of the family, only child for the moment. And life proceeded much as you would expect.


But life, as we all know, does not ever stay the same. Everything changes; we change.

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Six Sentence Stories – The Lie, Part 6

Andie sat next to the makeshift cot listening to Jack’s labored breathing as her thoughts wandered to their first meeting…

She stood on the stoop looking from the address on the paper in her hands to the number on the door, her hair sticking in wet strands of what used to be ringlets around her face, her green raincoat untied and hanging open such that it provided little to no real protection from the falling rain. This had better be the right place, she thought as she dropped the knocker against the door. 


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Listen to Your Mother 2016: A Reflection

Everyone has a story to tell.

Yet very often we keep those stories to ourselves, unready or unwilling to share them with the world.

One of my favorite movies is Steel Magnolias – for so many reasons. Early in the film Truvy (played by Dolly Parton) tries to find out more about her new employee, Annelle (Daryl Hannah).

“Well…tell me things about yourself,” Truvy begins, making it clear that she wants to know. Annelle says, “There’s nothing to tell…” and hesitantly provides a few vague details, fearful that her story is not suitable for public consumption.


As the scene continues, Truvy and the other women at her beauty shop encourage Annelle to share the details of her life. “Of course you can!” They tell her when she says she can’t talk about some of the more intimate and complicated bits of her story. While their initial interest is motivated by pure curiosity, the women quickly rally around her and provide support. And if you’ve seen the movie, you know that the bulk of the story is centered on that idea – a group of women supporting each other as their stories unfold.

Just over two weeks ago, I enjoyed the privilege of being part of the Lehigh Valley cast of the Listen to Your Mother show. The experience was one of the most unique of my life so far.


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#10Thankful – Rainy Weekend Days

There is nothing quite like a good rainy day.

OK, it’s not actually raining right now, but it’s cool and cloudy and the threat is present. And I , for one, am pretty glad for it. First of all, I love the rain (provided I’m not actually out in it getting wet, of course). Second, my allergies would love for the rain to put some of this pollen at bay so I can breathe.

Something about a cool, rainy weekend just feels like permission to curl up with books and movies and letters or maybe stare out the window and do some writing.




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Six Sentence Stories – The Lie, Part 5

A slow death by exsanguination would pass more quickly than the silence that lay between them.

Jack held his breath, partly because it had become nearly impossible to inhale without pain searing his lungs, but mostly because doing so would move time forward and he didn’t want to live in a moment when she didn’t know him.




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#10Thankful – The Show is Over

Is it wrong that I’m in my pajamas at 8:00 PM?

Today has been an exciting and tiring day and honestly? I really kind of want to go to bed. Like now.

But first, I need to slip in a few items of thankfulness…

First, I am so grateful to have been part of the Listen to Your Mother show’s Lehigh Valley cast today. What a tremendous experience this has been in so many ways. I’m sure I’ll write more about it at some point, but for today I’m just going to say I’m glad to have added this to my list of awesome things I’ve done.



These are wonderful people who shared wonderful stories and I’m thankful to have crossed paths with each of them.

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