Gail signed the document with a steady hand, then locked her briefcase. “Business awaits,” he said. “You’ll be OK this weekend?” Recalling the suspicious “business” charges on their Visa statement, she imagines Rich’s face later when the card is declined. With a dismissive wave, Gail smiles. “I’m sure I will.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Joining the crew over at Ivy…Continue Reading “Weekend Business (A Reboot)”

“You never loved me?” It was more realization than question. “You’re nothin’,” Lila spat through her cigarette smoke. “Like your father,” she muttered and took another drag, her too-red lipstick leaving its stain on the butt. He hated her. Hated her cheap clothes and frowsy hair, her bra straps sticking out of blouses forever unbuttoned and…Continue Reading “Lila”