TToT – Forward Motion

This week has felt like a blur of forward motion. The week sped by and somewhere in there I realized that we are about to get hurtled headlong into the holiday season. So here we go… Continue reading

How a Self-Proclaimed Cat Hater Ends up Living with Three Rotten Cats (A Re-Post)

When Mama Kat called for the story of how your pet came to be a member of the family, I knew I had to re-run this one.

This was originally posted on the blog back in July 2012. Read on for the story of how Cats One, Two, and Three came to live with us…complete with a few updates!


As I write this, my Fabulous Husband is finishing up some vacuuming…to rid our home of this week’s allotment of cat hair! This is part of why he is fabulous. A) I haven’t touched a vacuum cleaner since we got married (HATE vacuuming more than cleaning toilets) and B) he is in charge of all things related to the cleaning of cats. That was the deal we struck when the Three Rotten Cats came to live with us.

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Winter Drab

Nearly all of the trees were bare now.

Bare Tree CropJust days ago, the world was alive with the vibrant hues of mid-Autumn. The sun set every branch aflame with its golden touch and the red, orange, yellow exploded everywhere.


But now the trees stood naked before the glaring eye of winter chill, their branches stripped by last night’s cold, cruel wind. Those few that remained leaf-clad wore winter drab, just a few brown straggling threads clinging stubbornly, crying, “we won’t go!”

Through the Branches Crop

“It’s probably an omen,” she observed.

They had argued this morning. Again. And there was the argument last night.

“I hate listening to you argue.” The words rang painfully.

The rest of the drive looked much the same…brown after brown after brown and then gray. She wanted just one more fiery orange, just one more red. None. She turned to go inside, away from the drab slicing wind.

Field Crop

The sun polished the leaves of the holly bush.



Two Shoes Tuesdsay

TToT – Short and Sweet

Well, I had grand plans of being ready to go with this post on Friday afternoon.

Don’t know what happened.

Yes, I do. I’ve been denying that I’m having an RA flare for about three days now. I’m moving slowly. I just need to make up my mind to acknowledge it and get through it.

While I’m doing that, I’ll leave you with a short and sweet list of thankfuls for the week.

This first one I’m not sure about…am I thankful? One morning this week as we approached the school building, Zilla asked if she could go up the sidewalk by herself. I was confused. “We’re on the sidewalk right now,” I said. “What do you mean?” She meant stop at the corner where I pick her up and let her cross the little side street with the crossing guard/traffic cop dad and go up the last part of the walk to the building herself. Usually we cross together. What was this about? Ditched already? Continue reading

Soup of the Week – Homemade Cream of Mushroom

My Husband tells me that I second-guess myself too much.

He’s probably right.

Most often, I do my second-guessing in the kitchen. Is this really going to be enough for four people? That doesn’t seem like enough seasoning. Maybe the soup is too thin. And so I will very often make changes based on that bit of uncertainty.

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What I Learned from Eggs

My Daughter asked for eggs for breakfast this morning.

She did it completely right, too. She decided last night that she wanted eggs for breakfast this morning. She asked politely if someone would make her eggs for breakfast. She even specified the preparation method – hard-boiled, please.

Well done, Zilla!

But despite the advance notice, those eggs delayed us a good ten minutes in our morning routine.

You see, instead of jumping on that advance notice and making the eggs last night, I left the task for this morning. Never a good choice. Mornings here do not have a whole lot of margin for error. (My Mother will insert here that they should, because that just makes sense, especially in a house that runs on ADHD, and she’s completely right, of course. But that’s not the point.) Continue reading

TToT – Post-iversary!

So as it turns out, this is my 350th post. A little post-iversary, if you will.

I kind of want confetti and party horns to happen here…pretend it did.

Now let’s get down to the business of being Thankful.

I’ve been exercising my culinary muscles in the kitchen again this week and managed a couple of great meals, if you’ll excuse the hubris.

We needed a fish meal on the roster, so I opted for salmon cakes with soy-wasabi glaze next to a chopped spinach salad with cashews, shredded carrots, and a quick homemade Asian-inspired dressing.


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Smoothie Week – What’s Your Weirdest?

I’ve been drinking smoothies daily for about a year and a half.

I can’t remember exactly why I started but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with an abundance of CSA vegetables and Pinterest. Put those two things together and you’ll find plenty of inspiration! 20130421_170158This week Williams-Sonoma is celebrating Smoothie Week. The theme is “Not Your Average Smoothie” and they’ve asked me to share some of my favorites.

Let’s get started! Continue reading

TToT – Lazy and Late

I am late to the party this week.

We’ve had a very lazy weekend and I kinda want to get back to that since the next few will keep us hopping! But I’m going to get this in under the wire, thanks to Dyanne for giving me a little poke.


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Soup of the Week – Our Favorite Easy Creamy Tomato

There is nothing like grilled cheese and tomato soup.

The Hub and Kidzilla love the combo so much that when everyone else runs to the store ahead of a winter blizzard to buy milk and bread, I get marching orders for the makings of grilled cheese and tomato soup. It’s snow day food around here. And while we’re still far from snow days, this soup is great any time.



I’ve mentioned this soup on the blog before when I did the pilot edition of Soup of the Week, but it was lumped in with a couple of others and I never ran a full post for it. Kidzilla requested tomato soup recently, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to give it full attention. Continue reading