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TToT/FTSF Mashup – For These Things We Are Thankful

It’s Sunday night and my link-up posts aren’t finished.

I’ve spent the last several days alternating between wishing I could come up with something terrifically profound and hoping I just get something on the page and completely forgetting that I need to write the thing in the first place.


It’s not that I don’t feel grateful right now. It’s just that I have many other things on my mind. Which is not to say that at any moment I forget the things in my life that are worthy of gratitude, or that I am in any way unaware of them in the first place. I just really have many many things on my mind.

So maybe there’s a list of thankfuls in there somewhere… (more…)

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What I Have Learned from Experience

As we drive home in the afternoon, I often ask my daughter, “What did you learn in school today?”  Lately, her answer is “the usual.” And so I have to prompt her a little to be more specific – what is “the usual”?

“Oh, math and English and spelling…same as always.”

“Well what kind of things did you learn in math?”

This will usually elicit more detail and I’m glad to hear her itemize the small parts of her day, to hear her be attentive to detail about the time she’s spent. Some days she tells me she doesn’t remember what she learned that morning. OK, that’s fair; some days I don’t remember what I had for breakfast. Or if  I had breakfast. At least (so far) she hasn’t told me she learned nothing.


How often do we minimize or discredit what we’ve learned from an experience? (more…)

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TToT – The One With All the Snow

I know, I know. Everyone is tired of hearing about the snow.

Believe me – I am, too.

We got a lot – our official local report is 32 inches, but my back porch says more like 36. Guess we fall in the “locally heavier amounts” area. This was taken around 1:30 PM…


And here’s just two hours later…still well before the end of the storm much later Saturday night.


But no matter the amount, the snow is upon us whether we like it or not so let’s grin and bear it and commence with a snowy round of thankfuls. I promise there will be a bit of light from the snowy darkness by the time we get to the end. (more…)

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If I Were a Crayon…

Today Kidzilla makes her guest post writing debut on the blog.

I asked her to help me out with the prompt for this week’s Finish the Sentence Friday post because I was stumped. She’s a budding little writer and, even better, she knows how to edit herself, which she did before she let me post this. What follows is completely her story, from the mouth of babes, as they say, accompanied by her own illustration. I served only as transcriptionist. 


If I were a crayon, my color would be blue. I would be colored with to death because a lot of people use blue to color things like the sky, shirts and pants, all sorts of clothing, water, and the blue part in rainbows and the screens of technology.

crayons-879974_1920 (more…)

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#BeReal – LISA LISTWA | hastywords

I’m visiting over at Hasty Words today to talk about what I think it means to #BeReal. And about a good pair of jeans.


Not too long ago, a friend told me I was brave.

I think the word she said was brave… she admired my chutzpah in posting my whole and actual weight in a group setting focused on lessening our overall gravitational pull.

The compliment did not set well with me. What she couldn’t have known is that mere seconds before I saw her message, I clicked off my own desperate and panicked message to the group moderator asking him to please and immediately pull the image of my whole and actual weight…


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