TToT – Goodbye, July!

It has been a long and crazy month.

But in a good and happy way. Most of our activity was centered on Kidzilla’s activity schedule and our little girl has been on the go! She has gained so much from these last few weeks and I think it’s safe to say that we have as well.

Let’s start with a can’t-do-it-justice shot of last’s night’s beautiful “blue moon” – this is a pretty good shot from out in the neighborhood, but in person it was…breathtaking.


I am behind in so many things today, so this will have to be a very short and unfocused TToT in which I dance and offer the SGV some refreshments…stay tuned for that at the end. Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday on Thursday – Sort Of

No words here – like that’s a surprise lately!

But if you head over to Eli’s place you’ll find a great roundup of words from some wonderful bloggers. This month is Freedom from Fear of Speaking month and Eli’s collected a great list of things we’d say without fear…but haven’t.


Hope over to 6 Words at Coach Daddy and check it out!

TToT – Cobwebs

You’ll have to please excuse the bit of dust on my blog.

Despite any good intentions or potentially good post ideas, very little has happened around here – save the TToTs – in a very long time. I blame it on several things. Some of the reasons are interesting and relevant; others are not.

Regardless, here is this week’s offering through the dust and cobwebs that might be lurking around the screen here. At least I get some cool photos while I’m staring out the window instead of writing…


The humidity and high temps here have dissipated – at least for the immediate present. We’ve been gifted with a few gloriously beautiful summer days. I’m sad to say the heat and humidity is expected to return tomorrow and stay the week, but for the moment, we’re enjoying the reprieve. Continue reading

#1000Speak July Linkup – Acceptance

It is time again for our monthly 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion link-up!

As much as I intended to have a post for this month, here we are at the eleventh hour and I do not have one ready to go. I have several in the works, but not quite ready to post.

Life happens. And there has been a lot happening in my life lately.

In the coming days, I will have a self-compassion for you addressing the topic of self-acceptance. And along that vein, I will be taking part in Hasty’s #BeReal series as well. So do come back and read again later.

In the meantime, link your posts here. Read and share the posts of others in the group. Keep compassion flooding the Internet.


1000 Voices

This month, 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion continues to work toward a better world with a particular focus on ACCEPTANCE, as well as the broader topic of compassion.

Write a post relevant to this month’s focus – ACCEPTANCE – and add it to the link-up right here by clicking the blue button below.

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TToT – The Week of Summer Insanity

This has been a crazy week.

And this TToT is going to be the fastest, shortest, latest, and most dependent upon the graces of the SGV that I’ve ever posted.

Zilla had a full week of activities, which means that I did as well. Here’s what life looked like… (hold onto your hats because it’s a pretty wild ride) Continue reading

TToT – Preoccupied

I guess you could say I’ve been a bit preoccupied.

I’ve posted very little in this space in the last three weeks. I’m certain that I’m not keeping up with friends and fellow bloggers the way I’d like to, despite all the best intentions. I’ve been doing and thinking lately – a lot.

I’ve stared at this page for about an hour three hours already, not for lack of thankfulness, but for a lack of ability to concentrate, perhaps. Or at least a lack of ability to concentrate on anything but that with which my mind is currently preoccupied.

Here’s an example…earlier this evening, I realized that the headphones I was wearing weren’t plugged into the laptop. Nor was there anything running on the laptop that would require me to need them. I think I meant to do some work or listen to music or both…but clearly got distracted.


Still with me?

Let me do this because A) I hate being so late to put my TToT in place and 2) I kind of need to get back to my thoughts and things… Continue reading

TToT – Birthdays and Life, Part 2

It’s birthday time again!

Well, it was. Tuesday was my birthday and it was quite possibly the most absurd one I’ve had in a while – maybe ever.

The day started off fine and quite as usual with a Happy Birthday text from Super Sister at 12:01 AM. Always. I love it. I am thankful for that little ping on my phone in the middle of the night every year. Later in the day, I got to see my Mom for a while. It always feels kind of right to spend some time with the person who is responsible for getting you here. I’m thankful for my Mom for so many reasons.

We still have balloons left from Zilla’s birthday celebration a couple of weeks ago. Yay. It’s been kind of birthday central here all month, so that was cool. I can be thankful for decorations that were already in place and make the house feel fun and festive!

20150612_122128[1] Continue reading

Six Sentence Stories – Fall

It was a long way down from where she stood; the thoughts, fears, pain, tears, and confusion of the last few years swirled in her head.

With a shift in her weight, wavering balance sent a clear warning that there would be no time for regret, no chance to go back.

“Do it!” hissed an impatient voice in her ear.

She thought of the ill-logic and uncertainty of the whole thing and wondered, “but what if I do it and just…fall…?”

“Then I’ll catch you,” whispered another.

One step, then…flight.


Six Sentence

TToT – Hypo Gratitude


I had to check with Ivy to make sure I was getting the right term, but I think hypo-gratitude is what I have going on this week. It’s that week when you feel the forces of the universe stack against you. The dark clouds loom large and threaten at every moment to open a deluge on your head, blocking out the sun. Or something.

But when those weeks happen, it’s most important to look for the good in our lives and find a way around the blockers. And the truth is, even through the worst of storms, the sunlight still shines. It’s just more indirect.

So here we are…let’s get to it. Continue reading